If I had played my btc right, I would have half a million dollars

In the beginning against everyone else’s better judgement I started mining bitcoin. I mined 10 coins in total.

When bitcoin would hit its previous highs I would buy stuff in an attempt to encourage the BTC economy. I spent over half my coins, but luckily had the foresight to hang on to some.

In this article I will tell the hypothetical story of what would have happened if I played my cards right from the get go.

If I had saved all 10 coins and then sold them at near peak prices I would have had about $180,000 of US cash.

If I then waited until bitcoin crashed and bought again $4000 per coin I would have 40 coins and some change to spare after fees.

At current value I would have almost $500,000 at current value, which is only going up.

I am going to attempt to regain all my spent coins in this next rally. Check out my next article to see my plan of action!

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