Pietenpol Air Camper: Elevator Construction Part 2 – Fitting and Glueing

After a long break I am back to work on the Air Camper. First elevator piece is being assembled. I used T-88 Epoxy and held everything in place with a jig.
Now I am waiting for hinge bolts from Aircraft Spruce. Looks like I will need to fully install the hinges before putting the gussets on the other side.

If you look closely at the next pic you can see that the hinge nuts and plate will be between the gussets and nearly inaccessible. Next step will be to get the plywood hinge back-plates built and glued in. Hopefully I will have enough time to get the other elevator piece finished before the bolts get here. Building the second identical elevator piece should go much quicker now that I have all the jigs built and the technique down.As you can see the joints are held together via the jig so there is no excessive clamping force starving the joints of adhesive.Please check back often as I will post updates as I build. If you would like to support my build you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, click on some ads or support me on Patreon. Thanks!

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