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Bitcoin bull run more short lived than expected?

Has the bear come out of hibernation already? Looks like the latest bull run has come to an end and the market is correcting quicker than I expected.

It would seem that after the last huge spike, people’s faith in crypto has not fully returned. Once the price hit about $13.5k there was a massive drop as millions of dollars in BTC were cashed in.

Looking at the standard growth baseline over the years, this correction could bring the price of BTC as low as $4k.

However the approaching of the halvening in 2020, when the price of mining doubles, there could be a true increase in the coins over all value.

While I truly believe BTC could reach $100k in the next 20 years, it’s not going to happen over night. As always, just keep an eye on the market and buy low, sell high. (Sounds so easy right????)