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The next rally is in full effect!

Bitcoin is about to hit $13k and this rally is looking just like December of 2017. Only about 20% larger in scale.

I predict that this next upswing will last about two weeks and the price of Bitcoin will hit at least $24k. $24k is my most conservative estimate, however hitting $400k is not entirely out of the question.

My best and, by my theories, most logical guess is that in this rally BTC will hit $36k in 1.5-3 weeks. After it hits this high, it will rapidly drop over the next 3 weeks down to about $10-12k. It will hold there for a couple months then drop to $8k where it will sit until the next rally.

The next rally should then take place around April 2020 as The Halvening grows near. More info here,

If you haven’t already, buy your coins now!