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The Dream of Flight

Becoming a pilot has always been a life dream. However, it is anything but cheap. This has always been my major setback.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Al from my ham radio club took me flying in his Cessna 172. All I can think about anymore is flying. What to do???

The solution is quite obvious. I need to build an airplane!

So far I have begun the work converting a Corvair engine for aircraft use. This engine will be going in a Pietenpol Air Camper. I will be blogging and YouTubeing throughout the entire process. All posts related to this project will be available through the “Aircraft” tab in the upper right hand side of the page. Check out the following links to learn more:

  1. William Wynne Corvair Engine Conversion
  2. Azalea Aviation Corvair Spyder Conversion
  3. Pietenpol Air Camper Official Website
  4. Air Camper on Wikipedia
By Arpingstone – Own work, Public Domain