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Off Grid Living: Rainwater Collection

I have completed my rainwater collection system. All said and done I think I spent less than $100. The first time I did my dishes with rainwater was the first time I felt truely off grid. What an amazing feeling! Water from the sky!!!!

The barrells were salvaged from a construction company up the road. They originlly contained Blue Def for the company trucks. I figure this is OK as I won’t be drinking the water from this system and, of course, I rinsed the insides out as best as I could before putting them into use.

The manifold is made PVC from the scrap pile and from the hardware store.  The Water filter and Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection system was ordered from Amazon.com.

For the pump to pump the water into my house I used a water pump salvaged from an RV. If you can’t find one for free you can Buy one Here on Amazon for about $75.

PVC P-Trap for particle / sediment collection. Cap on bottom unscrews for cleaning.
Sediment Filter on Water Output
Tanks installed!
Oatey Downspout
Buy Oatey Rainwater Collector on Amazon
Day one of the build, only two barrels at this point.

Buy Water Filter on Amazon

Buy Oatey Rainwater Collector on Amazon

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